International Code Council

Region VII





1-1.0   The name of this organization shall be known as Region VII of the International Code Council


1-2.0   Where elsewhere in these by-laws the term “Chapter” may be substituted for the full name.


1-3.0  Address: Correspondence should be directed to the Chairperson of the Executive Council.


1-4.0   Web Address: The web site address of this Chapter shall be Region VII Bulletin board.




2-1.0   The objectives of this Chapter are:


2-1.1           To assist and encourage the education and certification of code officials, plan reviewers and inspectors in order to advance professionalism in code enforcement.


          2-1.2           To support the effort by the ICC to regionalize the nation and provide better service for the state chapters and coordinate efforts within the code change process.


          2-1.3           To promote the health, safety and welfare of all people in matters relating to building occupancy and construction.


          2-1.4           To promote higher professional and ethical standards in the field of building inspection and code enforcement.


2-1.5                  To establish and maintain a good working relationship within the construction industry, with design professionals and with other interested parties.


2-1.6                  To encourage and provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and information among its members and to monitor and disseminate information to our membership regarding the national model code process and associated public safety issues.


2-1.7                  To promote and protect the International Code Council model codes through lobbying efforts and other means for the protection of the citizens of Region VII and the advancement of code enforcement.




3-1.0     Any member of any Region VII ICC Chapter organization or independent member of the ICC employed in Region VII shall be entitled to member ship in Region VII. Voting Representation in Region VII is as outlined below.

3-1.1    Voting Representative/Executive Council:  Each state shall be entitled to four (4) Executive Council members with voting rights as part of the Executive Council. Each State shall determine the selection process for Executive Council voting rights.   The Executive Council shall govern the affairs of the Chapter.


3-1.2   Committee Members: Each Chapter or organization holding membership in the Chapter shall be entitled to as many as three additional members to hold positions on the principle committees of the Region, such as the Code Change Committee and Regional Structure Committee, Education Committee and any other committee duly formed by the Executive Committee.


3-2.0   Application for Membership.


          3-2.1   Submit a completed and signed petition for membership form.


          3-2.2   The Executive Council shall review said application for correctness, qualifications, as well as other criteria, and take action at the next regular meeting.


3-3.0   Funding Region VII Activities


          3-3.1   Normal Region VII activities shall be funded by annual member dues.


3-3.2     If the demands of Region VII require unusual expenditures the Executive Council may authorize an assessment of the membership to ensure equal distribution of funding necessary to support the organization.


3-3.3     Annual member dues shall be $400.00 per individual State, Commonwealth or District member. Dues shall be payable by the first Region VII meeting of a new calendar year.


3-3.4     If the demands of Region VII are being met without the annual dues, the Executive Council may authorize a suspension or reduction of dues on an annual basis in order to not exceed the funding necessary to support the organization.


3-3.5     If dues required by this section are not paid by the first annual meeting then that State would forfeit their voting rights and membership in this organization until dues are paid in full.



3-4.0   The affairs of this Chapter shall not be conducted for profit.


3-5.0   No member shall utilize the Chapter name for private gain.


3-6.0   Neither members, trustees, nor officers shall receive any fee, salary or remuneration of any kind for their services as trustees, and/or officers, provided, however, that trustees and officers may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred with approval of the membership upon presentation of vouchers.


3-7.0   Termination of Membership.


           3-7.1 Any chapter may resign from Region VII by giving written notice. Withdrawal or resignation from this Chapter shall not be deemed to waive liability for the payment of any dues or other amount owing this Chapter at the effective date of such withdrawal or resignation.


          3-7.2   Membership is not transferable. All rights and privileges of any individual serving as an officer, trustee or other position with the Chapter shall be forfeited upon termination of membership.


ARTICLE IV –  Chapter Leadership


4-1.0     A Chairperson of the Executive Council will be selected by consensus  of the individual state ICC chapters Region VII representatives during the term of leadership per the rotation schedule in Section 4-5.0.


4-2.0     Duties of Chairperson. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of this Chapter and with the approval of the Executive Council shall appoint or replace all chairpersons and members of committees not otherwise specifically provided for herein. The Chairperson shall perform all other and such usual duties as are performed by the president of an association. The Chairperson shall, with the approval of the Executive Council, have the power to appoint a corresponding secretary.  In the event the Chairperson is absent for a meeting, the Chairperson shall appoint his/her designee from the host state to preside over the meeting during his absence.


4-3.0   Executive Council. There shall be an Executive Council, consisting of four (4) designated representatives from each state which shall have authority to act in such matters as specifically delegated by the by-laws. The Executive Council shall meet as necessary and shall have authority to take action as they deem prudent in the furtherance of the objectives of this Chapter.


4-4.0   The Chairperson and the Executive Council shall act on behalf on Region VII at all times



4-5.0   Each state shall serve as the leader of the chapter for a one year term based on the following rotation schedule:


        1.)          Delaware

        2.)          Washington DC

        3.)          Maryland

        4.)          New Jersey

        5.)          Pennsylvania

        6.)          Virginia

        7.)          West Virginia


4-3.0   Any State that is not a member in accordance with Article 3-2.0 during their term of leadership will forfeit that right and the next represented state will assume leadership responsibility for the coming year.  The State so passed over will assume their normal position on the leadership list.


4-4.0   In the case of a vacancy of the Executive Council, the vacancy shall be filled by a vote of the local state organization represented.


 4-5.0  In the case where an Executive Council member is unable to attend a meeting of the Executive Council the local State Organization may appoint an alternate to fulfill the duties of that member for the term of that meeting.





5-1.0   Each Executive Council member present, that has the right to vote at a meeting of the Executive Council per Section 3-1.1 or unless modified by this article, shall be entitled to one vote.


5-2.0   No Executive Council member may vote by proxy or absentee ballot. Alternate Executive Council members may vote in accordance with Section 4.5.0.


5-3.0   Any Executive Council member may waive their right to vote on any matter.


5-4.0  The Region may be requested to support the candidacy of ICC members desiring to be elected to the Board or Officer positions of the ICC. Also, the Region may elect to take formal positions on proposed code changes. Region VII support of the candidate or position on a code change will require the unanimous vote of the voting eligible states on the Executive Council at the time of the vote. For a state to be voting eligible, a minimum of three Executive Council members must be present at the time of the vote. In addition, the candidate or proposed code change must code change must have the support of three of the four Executive Council members per state to be considered as unanimous support. If a state has the minimum of three Executive Councils members, then all three must be in support.



5-4.1   A state on the Executive Council may abstain from any vote and it will not affect the     unanimous vote requirement for support of a candidate or proposed code change position.


5.4.2    The support of an ICC Board of Directors candidate shall mean that the Region recommends to the ICC Nomination Committee that the Region has determined they are qualified for the position desired based on the Region’s review of their qualifications, experience and other pertinent information. The Region may reevaluate and change individual candidate support at the ICC Annual meeting based on the ICC Nomination Committee recommendations to the membership.


5-5.0   A quorum of 51% of the designated Executive Council members must be present to conduct a vote    on any matters concerning the Chapter unless modified by other provisions of these by-laws




6-1.0    This organization shall meet at a time and place determined by the Executive Council, and such meetings shall begin promptly at the set time. The Executive Council may conduct business of the Region through electronic messaging or teleconference.



6-2.0   The regular meetings shall be devoted to the theory, promotion and practice of the principals of code enforcement and standards and the purposes and objectives of the organization.


6-3.0   Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition) shall be the authority on all questions not specifically stated in the By-Laws.




7-1 .0  A special meeting of the Executive Council may be called at any time by the Chairperson or by a majority of the members of the Executive Council. The Executive Council may conduct business of the Region through electronic messaging or teleconference. Notice for any special meeting must be sent out to the Executive Board Members a minimum of five (5) days prior to the date of the meeting.



7-2.0   Assent in Lieu of Executive Council Meeting: Any action required or permitted to be taken at any meeting of the Executive Council may be taken without a meeting if 51% of the Executive Council members assent to the action by a writing filed with the records of the meetings of the Executive Council. Such assent shall be treated for all purposes as a vote at a meeting.


7-3.0   Quorum: At any meeting of the Executive Council, a quorum for the consideration of any question shall be 51% of the Executive Council members. In any case, any meeting may be adjourned from time to time by a majority of the votes properly cast upon the question, whether or not a quorum is present, and the meeting may be held as adjourned without further notice.


          When a quorum for an election is present at any meeting, a plurality of the votes properly cast for any office shall elect to such office, except where a larger vote is required by law or by these by-laws.  When a quorum for the consideration of a question is present at any meeting, a majority of the votes properly cast upon the question shall decide the question except in any case where a larger vote is required by law or by these by-laws.




8-1.0 There may be the following standing committees, appointed by the Chairperson:


          8-1.1 Regional Structure Committee: This committee shall include a minimum of one representative from each State in the chapter. This committee reviews the structure and by-laws of the chapter, evaluates organizational policy and process, and makes recommendations to the Executive Council.



          8-1.2   Code Review Committee: This committee reviews existing or proposed code provisions, formulates changes or additions, and makes recommendations in support or opposition to proposed changes. The Region’s positions should, after approval by the Executive Council, be posted as practicable.


8-2.0   The Chairperson may appoint such other committees as

           deemed necessary, or as directed by the Executive Council. Such committees

           shall be given a specific charge and function to perform.


8-3.0   Treasurer: The treasurer shall be affirmed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee for a maximum term of five years or as determined by the Board.


8-3.1   The Treasurer shall:

A.       Accurately record all funds received and disbursed.

B.       Pay all bills that have been approved  by the budget or by the Executive Committee.

C.     Prepare and submit an annual report of the Chapters finances to the                  Executive Council unless waived by the Executive Council.

  1. Prepare and
  2. The Treasurer shall not have voting rights





9-1.0   The Executive Council of Region VII shall have the right to communicate with any individual or organization in pursuit of its objectives, not in direct conflict with Article II.




10-1.0 A member of Region VII shall:


          10-1.1 Place public safety above all other interests.


          10-1.2 Place public interest above individual, group or special interest and shall consider their profession as an opportunity to serve society.


          10-1.3 Maintain the highest standards of integrity.


          10-1.4 Treat all persons courteously, equally and fairly.


          10-1.5 Conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to create respect for themselves and their jurisdiction they represent and the Association.


          10-1.6 Refrain from the use of their position to secure advantage or favor for oneself, one’s family or one’s friends.


          10-1.7 Refrain from representing any private interest in business or technical affairs of the organization.


          10-1.8 Refrain from using unfair means to secure an advantage in the organization or to knowingly injure any individual, company or association to gain such advantage.


          10-1.9 Not accept, nor offer, any gift, favor or service that might tend to influence them in the discharge of their duties.


          10-1.10 Carry on their contacts with other members of the organization in a spirit of     fairness with loyalty and fidelity to the aims and purposes of the Association.


10-2.0 Any violation of the above sections may be brought to the attention of the Executive Council. After an investigation of the complaint the Executive Council may recommend to the general membership expulsion from this Chapter. Expulsion to be determined by majority vote at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


          A member expelled from this Chapter will no longer be a voting member, nor be allowed to participate in any Region VII sponsored activity.


          An individual expelled from this Region shall not be allowed to rejoin this Region for a period of twelve months from the expulsion, and until the general membership votes to approve the reinstatement.


10-3.0 Any individual member of this Chapter who is charged with conduct unbecoming, may result in loss of membership as voted by the Executive Council.




11-1.0 Except as the Executive Council may generally or in particular cases authorize the execution thereof in some other manner, all documents made, accepted, or endorsed by the Chapter shall be signed by the President and one additional member of the Executive Committee.




12-1.0 Region VII may be dissolved only by action of the Executive Council. Action may be initiated by the Executive Council or in response to a petition from the membership. A petition for the dissolution shall be made only at a public meeting by a majority vote of the voting members present. No proposition for dissolution shall be acted upon unless written notice thereof has been given to the Secretary at least sixty (60) days prior to the meeting. A copy or summary of such proposition shall be sent to every member organization of the Region at least thirty (30) days before the date of the meeting in which the petition is to be voted upon. No action shall be taken by the Executive Council on their own initiative to dissolve the Region.




13-1.0 In the event this Chapter is disbanded and/or dissolved, all monies remaining in the treasury, after remaining bills are paid, shall be equally distributed among the member Chapters.




14-1.0 Amendments to the by-laws may be proposed by the Executive Council or by written petition by twenty (20) percent of the voting membership.


14-2.0 These By-laws may be altered, amended or repealed at any legal meeting of the members entitled to vote at which a quorum is present by a vote representing a majority of the members present and voting; provided notice is given in the call for the meeting that an alteration, amendment or repeal of the By-laws will be proposed.


14-3.0  Procedure.


          14-3.1 Properly edited proposals must be delivered by mail or other electronic means to the Chairperson. The proposed amendment will be posted at the ICC Region VII website and open to discussion by the general membership. The proposal will be ratified (with revision, if any) or stricken entirely by majority vote at the next advertised public meeting.


          14-3.3 The final vote shall require a two thirds (2/3) majority for adoption. The amendment shall then become effective immediately upon its approval.


          14-3.4 Revisions. The date of revision of any amendments shall appear in the lower left hand corner of the page which is affected and a vertical bar shall appear in the outboard margin showing the location of said change. The last page of these bylaws shall contain a chronological list of all changes and their date of adoption.



#1 June 3, 2005

#2 June 9, 2005 DD First Review

#3 October 3, 2005 DD Suggested Changes

#4 October 4, 2005 FMN Suggested Changes

#5 October 26, 2005 First Submission

#6 February 28th, 2006 Exec. Comm. Recommendations

#7 September 7, 2006 Request of Pres. Format

#8 December 1, 2006 Approved as amended

#9 May 9, 2008 Exec. Comm. Recommendations

#10 January 9, 2009 approved as amended

#11May 29, 2009 proposed changes and July 23, 2009 Exec. Council changes-RCW

#12 October 2, 2009 revised bylaws approved by Executive Council

#13 June 24, 2011 Revised 3-1, 3-1.1, 3-1.2 Membership, 3-3.1, 3-3.3, 3-3.4, 3-3.5 Funding Activities

#14 October 4, 2012 Revised Voting Procedure 5-4.0, 5-4.1, meeting clarification 6-1.0, 7-1.0

#15 October 7, 2016 Revised Section 5-4.0 Voting, Revised Section14-3.1 Procedures

#16 February 3, 2017 Added Section 5.4.2, clarifies support of ICC candidates